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Prohibition is Over!

Americans have a special place in their heart, perhaps more accurately in their liver, for the resurgence of the Speakeasy. The Prohibition, a constitutional ban on the production, importation, transportation, and sale of alcohol that lasted from 1920 to 1933 were in fact 13 years of pushback against a government policy of temperance that was rejected wholly by the masses.

Friday 10 January 2020, 03:00PM

Quilted leather luxury at Speakeasy Yacht Club

Quilted leather luxury at Speakeasy Yacht Club

The national constitutional ban on alcohol had a direct correlation with organised crime as just prior to the ban, the saloon was a staple of American society. The desire to imbibe did not simply vanish with the stroke of the pen that ushered in the amendment and the absence of absinthe would swiftly be filled and distilled.

Smugglers began importing distilled libations, homemade cocktails came into the lexicon, and many a patron found their way to a secret new shop they could partake and please their parched palate for the spirit they sought.
The shops that sprang up as a result of these temperance policies became known as a Speakeasy, aptly named as a softly spoken tone was expected to be adopted when describing the illicit activity taking place in such an establishment. By 1925, there were anywhere from 30,000 to 100,000 speakeasy clubs in New York City alone suggests “Teaching With Documents: The Volstead Act and Related Prohibition Documents” in the United States National Archives. For over a decade, Americans endured crime waves, illness from unregulated distillations, and many other ills as a result of this policy but all that was about to end.

December 5, 1933 the grand temperance experiment failed and the repeal of the 21st Amendment took place. Ever since, Americans have donned the regalia of the Roaring Twenties, and enjoy a Repeal Party at a local Speakeasy throwback.

People in Phuket have the opportunity to enjoy one of the island’s newest. The Speakeasy Yacht Club Restaurant is a welcomed addition to Royal Phuket Marina’s boardwalk with the boats and marina backdrop making any date night quite impressive. This establishment gives all the thrills of the classic Roaring Twenties feel with a modern touch of international culinary delights.

UWC Thailand

Boasting a visually stunning décor that is something right out of the era with long quilted leather chesterfield sofas and Edison bulbs illuminating the room. If you prefer a view, you can enjoy your meal with a waterside candle-lit view of the Royal Phuket Marina and all the beautiful yachts and amazing villas that make this area one of Phuket’s most treasured.

Every Friday, Speakeasy shifts between Indian and Mexican delicacies. On Indian cuisine night, head chef Rom Bahadur Rayamajhi, who hails from Nepal and is the personal chef of RPM’s CEO and founder Gulu Lalvani, treats diners to an assortment of dishes. Chef Rayamajhi’s credentials are long. He was the head chef for AKA SAKA Restaurant, Defence Colony, New Delhi and has been the Executive Chef at Royal Phuket Marina since 2012.

One challenge many people have with Indian cuisine is navigating the menu. While they love Indian food, the menu can be quite intimidating as there are rarely pictures or explanations of what items are what, so one tends to rely on fate to decide what will be for dinner. That intimidation is removed at Speakeasy Yacht Club as the most popular dishes are offered with ease and simplicity. Butter Chicken with its deep sunset red hue, roasted Gobi with a crisp perfect texture, sensationally seasoned basmati rice and fluffy nan bread to soak it all in. Speakeasy Yacht Club selects quintessential regional dishes from the north and south of India and simplifies it just right for the night.

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