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Artists announce exhibition at Mom Tri’s Wok Gallery Kitchen

Artists announce exhibition at Mom Tri’s Wok Gallery Kitchen

We are all creative crea­tures, it’s in our DNA. We want to survive, we got to come up with ideas and some combinations of peoples can get a bit out of control, tend to cause cha­os... that’s a good thing, it takes us into the abyss (I have yet to go there but it sounds cool).

Friday 4 October 2019, 11:00AM

Mr. Zen, Sophirat Muangkum and djm.

Mr. Zen, Sophirat Muangkum and djm.

Mr. Zen. Sophirat Muangkum. djm

We got a problem here, we’re not sup­posed to do this, this is Phuket, come on, we are of the purest people of this planet, let’s make sure we keep this pri­vate, secret… darkest place inside.

We got nudes, all nudes and noth­ing butt the nudes. We can do this at Mom Tri’s, he’s a bit whimsical himself. Power to the people. The Pope’s church has nakeds on the ceiling, it’s okay.

Zen, he’s been around a long time, kinda like Michelangelo, sleeps, eats, paints, repeat. Some would say… let’s go with genius. It’s nice to compliment people and I believe it’s true.

You can see it and feel it in his work, smart and for sure fun. His work is eve­rywhere, global. Sometimes sitting in his gallery I see people wander in and their eyes just light up and you experi­ence their smile. Zen gives joy, grateful to have met him. Hope you meet him too. Be there to believe.

Sophirat, she’s a new friend. Zen, her and I had an island holiday for a number of days, we did absolutely noth­ing. Best way to get acquainted.

She’s famous, published in Vogue Italia… on and on. I can send you her bio, more experience than this paper can publish. Her tool is a camera… pho­tographe (French word).

QSI International School Phuket

All she does is naked, people, that’s it. What a life. “Hi, I want to get naked for you” – she deals with that every day. The fact that she is female (excuse me) gives another perspective.

For this show she is working with Ann Watinee. All prints and Polaroids are of Ann, and Ann will be here to do a special performance related to her work, imagery.

Next… djm. I think in his perspec­tive, he or she, or a combination thereof, prefers to be a mystery, like Batman or better yet, dare I say, OK I will… Madonna “for the very first time”. Let’s hope he/she shows up.

DJ Tommy Innocent on the kit.

– Joey Milefski

Mr. Zen, Sophirat Muangkum and djm (Joey Milefski) will open their exhibition on Saturday, October 5 with a party, drinks and canapés from 6:30pm at Mom Tri’s Wok Gallery Kitchen, 12 Kata Noi Rd, Kata Noi Beach, 83100. Their ever-changing works will be on display until the end of November.

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